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    Exempt from any consequences

    Succeeding games in Blackjack are conditioned by previous decisions, something that you cannot say while playing roulette or craps for that matter. In the case of these two, your original decisions are exempt from any consequence. Contrary to craps and roulette, a player's performance depends largely on his original moves. Having high cards, while playing blackjack, has the same consequences on future games as having low cards. Recalling the cards that have been dealt is close to impossible for players involved in blackjack. The only thing that is possible is, to determine the outcome of the game, by associating cards with positive, negative or null values. We all know that cards that were left in the deck accumulate values, which can act as strong references for a skilled gambler.

    An imagery scoreboard

    Just for the record, low counts are rewarded with positive points and high counts are rewarded with negative points. Card counting would be useless, suppose cards weren't assigned with various points. Creating a scoreboard in your thoughts is a good strategy while playing blackjack, but of course there are simpler methods and more lucrative personal counting systems based on predictions. One of them would be the high-low system. This has the potential of determining the current percentage of un-dealt favorable cards, within the shoe. Mathematically speaking, the higher the current score the more difficult the process of counting these cards and the more levels one counts the more difficult it will be for him to stay on track.

    Aces above all

    Those who want to win in Blackjack should always favor aces above all other cards. Having aces is of utmost importance! Since aces bare such a great importance, they are being treated differently. You should know that aces are associated with positive values no matter if they form blackjack or just lay around in the shoe. Depending on the number of cards and the values associated to them, a player is free to adjust his bets throughout the game. In other words, players are given permission to change their minds according to their personal strategy. The very essence of card counting is to make as less changes as possible and obtaining winning results. Those, who want to achieve a gratifying experience, can use card counting, as this is an exact and trustworthy method. Card counting will not interfere with the game in a negative manner; on the contrary, it will assist you, despite the many countermeasures thrown in your way by casinos worldwide.


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