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    1. Introducing online casinos

    • What does it take to download casino software?

    Some regard it as a backbreaking task, but the truth is that downloading casino software is a pretty straightforward enterprise. It wouldn't be for the first time that, online casinos provide their customers with essential info on downloading and installation. Such information is prone to guiding the customer, throughout the installation process. The customer's interference is almost unessential; except for selecting the hard drive where the software will be downloaded, customers have nothing else to do.

    • What are the differences between an instant play casino and a downloadable casino version?

    The difference between these two is as easy as pie. With an instant play casino, customers are required to set up an account before starting to gamble, whereas in the case of a downloadable casino, customers are only required to download and install specific software, here you can find new casinos.

    • Is there anything such as play for free option, while playing at online casinos?

    Of course there is! In order to put your hands on such an offer, you must first download the software, install it to your PC and set up an account. With a little bit of luck, customers can come across casinos that offer instant play, without opening an account.

    • Essential knowledge about casino accounts and money deposits.

    With only few exceptions, all of the current online casinos offer versatile methods of payments. NETeller, Click2Pay, FirePay, credit cards and debit cards are just few of the endless options.

    2. What should customers know about the Security features of an Online Casino?

    • What kind of warranties should a casino issue in order to keep private information safe?

    Knowing that personally identifiable information is safeguarded by state of the art security features is a generic desideratum. This is the least an online casino can do, in order to protect its customers against identity theft. Everything above this has to involve 128-bit SSL encryption especially that this is a standard feature at any online casino. Except for casinos, 128-bit SSL encryption is used worldwide, by financial institutions.

    • How can I be certain about the random outcome of a casino game?

    Knowing, that legitimate online casinos use random number generators, can tell you many things about casinos. The RNG is responsible for triggering an arbitrary outcome for a specific event. The RNG is the one to influence the outcome of the roulette wheel, the roll of the dice, blackjack or poker hands, etc. All things considered, there is really no need for online casinos to interfere with the game; especially that they start with a clear advantage.


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