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    The ultimate preference

    The most important reason why people choose to play at an online casino, instead of a brick and mortar version is linked to the comfort of one's home. The best thing about enabling home game mode is that gamblers do not have to stick to tight schedules. Since state of the art casinos feature additional themes, players have the opportunity to maximize their online gaming experience like nobody ever before.

    The biggest payouts

    The experience itself is sometimes just not enough; those who want to push the edge of the envelope should focus on aspects, such as the percentage of payouts. No matter how much fun you have, at the end of the day you'll be forced to draw a line and evaluate your profit. Speaking of which, the best case scenario includes a 100% profit. Having such a profit would mean to win double the amount of money that you have invested. For accurate results gamblers should imagine amounts that cover the entire financial pool. Long story short, here are the casinos with the biggest payouts.

    • Magic Box Casino is number one of our list, despite the fact that it has lost some decimals in the overall ranking. The casino has various options for depositing money whenever playing card games, hot slots, traditional table games, roulette and many more. Live support via e-mail, by phone and/or fax is also part of their offer. All things considered, 97.13% is the best payout you can get.
    • With an amazing 96.72%, Casino King is the second best on our list. Similar to many other casinos, Casino King offers both a downloadable and an instant gaming version, courtesy of a web browser.

    The list wouldn't be complete without other games such as video poker, slot machines, table games and arcade games. Each of them is regarded as generating considerable payouts; hence it would be a pity to skip them. Just for the record, $2.469.749 was the biggest ever live jackpot in the history of gambling. Who would have ever thought, that casinos can be this generous? Internet casinos are the only ones that have the potential of breaking the standards and distribute unimaginable payouts.

    • Before coming to an end, you should know about the third best casino on our list. With only 0.10% behind, Online SCasino is the last one to own the podium, while we are speaking. Their offer consists of slot games, TV games, card games and a $400 welcome bonus whenever depositing a minimum amount. Different payment and depositing options, progressive games with irresistible payments, as well as 24/7 customer service are prone to make their offer even more interesting.


Bonus: $300;
Match: 250%;
Software: Vegas Tech

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Bonus: $555;
Match: 125%;
Software: RTG

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Bonus: $100;
Match: 250%;
Software: RTG

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