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    High cards within a deck favor the player, since they give a higher probability of forming blackjack. The closer you are to the winning formula -card value of 21- the higher the payout and the bigger the chances of the dealer to be bust. Busting implies having a higher value than 21. Those who say that card counting is only for the most genius of gamblers, have really no idea about the game! This ultimate strategy can be learnt by the means of the high-low system. According to this, each card has to be assigned with a negative, positive or null value. The results will be adjusted after all the cards have been dealt. Before you decide to use this strategy, you had better get acquainted with some card counting terms.

    • Betting ratio stands for drawing a comparison between a player's lowest and highest bets. The goal behind this is, to identify players who use card counting as a method of increasing their chances. Spotting such players is relatively easy, since they will increase their bets, every time the deck is in their favor.
    • Betting the count implies, betting the same amount of money as the overall value of the card count.
    • Point count means, betting the net value of the total card count, within a hand.
    • Card counting defines a system that was elaborated in order to maximize the payouts. The very essence of card counting is based on memorizing the cards, with the purpose of determining the un-dealt cards. Players will adjust their bets based on the current count. This strategy is totally legal; nevertheless casinos have the authority of removing card counters, as soon as they are spotted.
    • Running count defines the interval between the start and the finish of the count. Updates are required after each card is being dealt.
    • Shuffle ups contribute to spotting card counters. A prematurely shuffled deck of cards will make a card counter's life a hell.
    • True count defines the current standings within the deck of cards, that weren't played.

    Card counting is a really amazing tool; however you will discover that it cannot be used at online casinos. Counting cards is a futile attempt, since cards are being shuffled at the start of each round. All things considered, you should stick to basic blackjack strategies when playing online.


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