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    Online odds vs. true odds

    The odds at a casino game are supposed to motivate the player. Take the following example: a $20 bet on the number 9, would trigger 35 to 1 odds in case of the American Roulette, which in turn would generate $700. 35 to 1 is only a form of expressions, without giving any reference to the real odds of hitting number 9. Speaking of which, a player has to spin the wheel 38 times in order to hit the 9 once. It goes without saying that the player's true odds are 1 in 38, because number 9 is only one slot out of 38. So how comes that online gambling sites promise 1 in 35 odds while playing roulette?

    The fact that casinos use 0 & 00 to their own advantage is not a secret anymore; nevertheless we will detail this aspect in a future section. The best way of expressing probability in roulette is by using percentage. The probability of hitting 9 lies in the following equation: 1/38x100=2.63%.

    Few pointers on increasing the odds at roulette: European version vs. American version

    Whilst participating at roulette tournaments at, gamblers must focus on gaining the best possible odds. Suppose you want to meet the most desirable odds, you should take the following friendly advice into consideration: choose the European version over the American version, whenever this is possible. You have guessed it: this is the ultimate online roulette strategy! American Roulette tables display 38 slots, each with a number: red and black slots ranging from 1 to 36 plus the green slots featuring 0 & 00. The reason why players are to avoid the American version of Roulette is simple: the odds of hitting a certain number are smaller than in case of the European versions.

    The American version features a 5.26% house edge, which can be explained with the existence of 0 &00. The latter ones have absolutely no benefits for the player; on the contrary, they serve the casino's interest! Based on what was presented before, you can guess how online casinos achieve the same 5.26% for themselves.

    Contrary to the American version, the European wheel features numbers ranging from 1 to 36 plus the 0. The absence of 00 in this case, has the potential of lowering the house edge to 2.63%; hence the odds of winning are higher. This will give players a more realistic chance of keeping their money for a longer time. The best thing about the European Roulette is that the players do not need to fly to Las Vegas. Stop thinking about airfares and start downloading the European version at!


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