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    • CCs represent one of the most lucrative methods of payment. Visa and Mastercard are welcomed at online casinos, with some minor restrictions. An irrelevant number of banks and credit card companies started limiting their area of utilization; hence customers were forced to admit defeat while attempting to fund their sportsbook and online casino accounts. Another fine example for CC limitation is linked to the maximum amount that can be deposited and/or withdrawn to/from an online casino account. Feel no fret if this happens to you, there are many other alternatives that can help you to pull the rabbit from the hat!
    • Alternative payment Methods promise to solve the problems caused by credit cards. Many of the following methods are favored by online casinos, due to their ability of avoiding credit card theft and credit card fraud. All things considered, they provide mutual help for both of the parties.
    • It wouldn't be for the first time, when players are rewarded with bonuses because of choosing a non-credit card method. Long story short, these are the most frequently used methods of payment, accepted by worldwide online casinos.

    • NETeller was among the first online third party payment methods available for worldwide customers. NETeller customers can upload funds into their account via CCs, ACH transfer, Wire transfer, InstaCash, etc. Once the customer has the necessary funds, online merchants such as a casino can start to debit and/or credit the account. Just for the record, every online casino is familiar with NETeller.
    • Click2Pay is based on the same principle as NETeller: the gambler uploads the funds to his Click2Pay account and soon after is free to make online payments. Online casinos that are powered by Microgaming will be happy to accept this alternative and offer bonuses in exchange.
    • Citadel is known for being the safest method among the many options available online. Since it is nothing more than an electronic check service, anybody with a US checking account can utilize it. Don't forget that these checks must be payable in U.S dollars, currently no other currency is accepted.
    • Firepay accounts can be funded with the help of ACH transfers, E-checks and bank accounts. This account acts just like a normal debit or credit card. In order to put your hands on special features, customers must prove that they have a U.S bank account. These special features include, e-mailing transactions and confirmations related to your account.
    • Moneybookers became popular among those who want to save both time and money. With this method, customers are practically transferring money from one email account to the other. Those who would like to use this option should know that, having access to a CC or Wire Transfer is the only method for uploading funds.


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