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  • Slot Types

    • Classic slots are equipped with 3 reels and a single payline.
    • Progressive slots provide gamblers with an unimaginable prize that has been gathered in time. The prize will never stop growing, as a matter of fact, it will continue growing even after being won.
    • Bonus slots feature a special bonus, given the right combination. Free spins are also considered as bonuses.
    • Regular Multiplier Slots aren't known for providing bonuses. This machine was designed for those, who aren't interested in playing with the maximum amount of coins.
    • Bonus Multiplier Slots have nothing in common with any of the current machines. This type of slot machine grants an extra bonus in case you have played the maximum amount of coins.
    • 5 reel slots have 5 reels instead of 3; hence provide a 5 to 21 payline.
    • Multi Payline Slots come with the biggest number of paylines. Imagine 9 paylines or more and you'll be closer to the overall image.


Bonus: $300;
Match: 250%;
Software: Vegas Tech

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Bonus: $555;
Match: 125%;
Software: RTG

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Bonus: $100;
Match: 250%;
Software: RTG

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