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    Taking into consideration the fact that today slots online game is considered to be one of the most popular online casino games all over the world, it would be rather interesting to get back into the depth of history and to learn some historical facts about the slots game.

    Slots Machines' History

    It is believed that the first slot machine was invented in 1985. The inventor of the game was a car mechanic and his name is Charles Fey. The first slot machine was called Liberty Bell. It consisted of 3 spinning wheels and 4 symbols. The first symbols were: hearts, diamonds, spades and Cracked Liberty Bell. The player won when there were 3 Liberty bells in one row. At that time the biggest payout was equal to 50 cents (the reader should consider the fact that 50 cents were a large sum of money at that period of time). The first Liberty Bell machine can be found in Reno (Nevada) in the Liberty Belle Saloon.

    Charles Fey also invented a number of other slot machines. Among them were the so called Klondike and the Three Spinde. Charles rented machines to bars and saloons in San Francisco. The profit was divided in half. Very soon the game became very popular and the demand for the game machines grew quickly. To his great regret Charles couldn't cope quickly with building new slot machines but nevertheless he refused to sell the property rights to anybody else.

    One-Armed Bandits

    The demand for the slot machine was great, no wonder another manufacturer named Herbert Mills started to produce his own version of slots machines. His version of the slots machine was called Operator Bell. It should be noted that the first fruit slots were designed by him also.

    After introducing slot machines to the world they became very popular with gamblers and were often called "One-Armed Bandit".

    Modern Slots

    Years passed, slot machines gained large popularity, no wonder a lot of gaming companies started to produce slot machines. The classic slot machine consisted of 3 reels. The modern slot machines consist of 4 reels, 5 reels and sometimes even 7 reels .

    With the emergence of computers, there appeared video slots (meaning slot machines without reels). Another great invention of the era of computerization is online slot machine. In order to ensure fairness in the game, slots online are based on random number generation software.

    Slots Variety

    Online casinos offer a great variety of different slots online games. Before deciding which slots online to play the gambler should choose online casino. Online casinos provide the players with large variety of slots online and huge bonuses in the games.

    The player can choose the best slots online for herself/himself from the list of slots online casinos stated below:

    • All Slots Casino
    • Bwin casino
    • Europa Casino
    • Eurogrand Casino
    • Eu Casino
    • William Hill Casino
    • Casino Tropez
    • Nova Casino
    • Party Casino
    • Reef Club Casino
    • Casino Splendido
    • Euro City Casino
    • Casino 770
    • Rome Casino
    • Planet 7 Casino
    • VIP Slots Casino and some others


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