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  • How to Play Blackjack

    In order to find out how to play blackjack the player should learn some rules of the game. In online blackjack the gambler plays against the dealer. The game's objective is to get blackjack (meaning to obtain 21 points without exceeding this number). Remember, that it is very important for a gambler to know card values perfectly in order to play this game:

    1. Cards 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 are equal to the same number of points (face value).

    2. Jacks', queens' and kings' value equals 10 points.

    3. In online blackjack game aces can be valued as 1 or 11 points.

    The hand value in blackjack is 21 points.

    Here the player will find a concise manual on how to play blackjack.

    The very beginning of the game is placing the bets. After distributing cards by the dealer the player makes his moves.

    Main Moves

    1. Hitting is asking for another card.
    2. Standing is not asking for another card.
    3. In case the player hits and the hand's value is more than 21 points, than it means that the player busts and loses the game.
    4. In case the player stands, the dealer plays his hand and only after that the result of the game becomes clear. Besides, there are other possible ways to proceed in the game. One of them is doubling down. In case the player considers his hand to be good, the player is allowed to double the bet with the only condition: the player takes just one card more.
    5. In case the player's cards are of the same value then s/he is allowed to split the hand. After that the player is placing another identical wager and continues the game by playing both hands separately.
    6. If the player considers his (her) cards to be not good enough, than the player is able to surrender.

    When the player is out of the game, the dealer plays his hand. The dealer hits his hand. If his hand value is more than 21, the dealer busts. In case the player has not bust, the player wins the game. In case the dealer has no bust, than the hand value of the dealer is compared with the hand value of the player. In case the dealer's hand value is bigger than the one of the player, the player is regarded as a loser in Blackjack game. If the hand value of the player is the same as the hand value of the dealer, than the bet can be returned to the player.


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